Things do do around Washington


Check out the Smithsonian Museums

There are over 20 museums to go see, stop by the NEW African American Museum (must get a ticket to enter), or go learn about space at the Air and Space Museum, or see the beautiful paintings at the American Art Museum.


Visit the Zoo

Just a short walk away from the Marriott Wardman Park, CIE 2019 venue, you will learn more about these extraordinary animals and visit a historic landmark of Washington, D.C.


Visit the Washington National Cathedral
As the national church of the United States, dedicated to serving the country and its many faith traditions, the national cathedral is the sixth largest cathedral in the world and the second largest in the United States. It is a gothic inspired architecture with many modern details. The construction took 83 years to complete.
It is the only known church with a grotesque of Darth Vader.


Go to the Holocaust Museum

Make a reservation to ensure your slot. Read about tragic stories and go back in time to see what it felt like to live during this horrible time.


Go to the Kennedy Center

The Premiere Theatre for the Arts in Washington, D.C. You’ll see talented people dance, sing, and act. Watch a play, see a musical, or go to a workshop.


Other Washington Theatres for tickets

Watch short plays, listen to some soothing jazz, laugh your night away with comedians. There are many spectacular shows you cannot miss! Check out their website to see what shows are available the date you choose to visit.


Visit the monuments

Go up top to the Washington Monument, Visit Abraham Lincoln, visit the White House. Have a nice walk through the parks and take many pictures of Washington's beautiful monuments.


Visit the U.S. Botanical Garden

There are over 4,000 plants to learn about and to admire.


District Winery

For only $35 you get to see how wine is made, the blending and bottling process. Plus you get to test 7 of their District Winery wines.