Technical Tour to NIST Gaithersburg - Monday June 24, 2019 - Fully Booked

This special NIST Tour is now fully booked

An opportunity to tour the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), Gaithersburg, Maryland, will be provided on Monday, June 24, for a limited number of participants.

The tour is prepared by Optical Radiation Group, Sensor Science Division, and will include visits to the laboratories for vision science, photometry, radiometry, and optical properties of materials.
The facilities to be shown include:

  • NIST Spectrally Tunable Lighting Facility for vision experiment on colour quality of light sources
  • Spectrally-tunable double-booth for vision experiment on colour perception
  • LED characterization facility (aging test facility, temperature-controlled sphere)
  • 2.5 m absolute integrating sphere for luminous flux scale and calibration
  • NIST Goniospectroradiometer for total spectral radiant flux calibration
  • New NIST photometric bench system
  • NIST Spectra Irradiance Calibration Facility (basis for CCT and light source colour)
  • Tunable OPO system for spectral (irradiance) responsivity calibration
  • Calibration facilities for reflectance, transmittance, and object colour

NIST is about 40 km north west from the CIE Session venue. Further details including transportation, timetable and cost will be available soon - so keep an eye out here for updates.
If you are interested, please contact Yuqin Zong to pre-register, and you will be contacted when moredetails are available.